The Wildflowers Staff


Sara Ward

Designer & Owner

Inspired by nature, art, and all things beautiful, Sara has always had a passion for creating. Sara loves finding beauty with lush garden flowers but also in the unusual. After living in Philadelphia and then Peru, Sara has been excited to carry on Wildflowers’ passion to provide the most beautiful flowers in Saint Louis. 

Growing up in an artistic environment, Sara loved being around color and beauty from a very young age. Sara’s entry into the world of floral design was a natural one, as friend after friend asked her to do flowers for their weddings.  For over twenty years, she’s been an avid home gardener, never able to resist cutting beautiful blooms and displaying them throughout her home. Entertaining has always provided a great opportunity to decorate a table with gorgeous garden style flower arrangements.

For the past fifteen years Sara has been creating beautiful floral arrangements for weddings as well as a variety of events. Sara was able to be a part of Wildflowers over 15 years ago, helping Jane with weddings and events. In Philadelphia she worked at Home Influence, a well established floral design studio. The markets of Lima gave a wonderful chance to buy flowers directly from the growers.  She has been at Wildflowers and mentored by Jane Winter since the fall of 2015 and has loved getting to play a vital role in creating beautiful events. 


Joanna Williams

Studio Manager

Joanna has been with Wildflowers since the Spring of 2016. Joanna has many years experience in event management for various organizations. She has always had a passion for beautiful flowers, art, color and light. For years, she would buy bouquets of cut flowers at the farmer’s market and enjoyed making arrangements all over her house. Joanna has worked with her hands for most of her life, creating jewelry, needlepoint and working with color. She also enjoys gardening, coming from a long line of gardeners. More recently, she earned her master’s in counseling and was working at a local hospital in mental health. Joanna has enjoyed getting back to the world of event planning and all things flowers.


Jane Winter

Designer & Consultant

A manor house in southern England, a lush flower garden and an unyielding passion for flowers and beauty have had an endless effect on Jane.

Thirty years ago while living and entertaining in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, Jane fully realized her penchant for filling the house with flowers from her garden – flowers arranged in her own unique, uncontrived style.  Her unusual approach and eye for the interesting was in full swing even then, as any guest at her table will attest.  Using flowers from her own garden and the gardens of friends, Jane became known for creating weddings of unexpected style and beauty.

She’s been stateside awhile now, along with that unique style and an eye that’s sharper than ever.  Since 1997 Jane has been producing beautiful parties through her design studio at Wildflowers, setting a standard that few can match.  Jane’s connection with flowers and her understanding that the flowers will actually tell her what to do, has resulted in a relaxed, effortless look that’s both simple and luxurious.  In taking her cue from nature, adapting it, combining it with just the right elements, Jane creates events that are both striking and memorable.